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Top 5 Benefits of Using Body Butter

Many commercial products are overloaded with harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances and preservatives.

Luckily there is a moisturizer that contains plant based ingredients, essential oils and nut oils that gives all day moisture the natural way.

Natural body butters are thicker, richer and great for dry sensitive skin.

Simora Home body butters contain natural butters such as shea, cocoa, mango, and hokum along with coconut and almond oil. These butters and oils are filled with nourishing and rejuvenating properties to protect your skin.

Here are some quick beauty hacks for you to make the most of your body butter.

1. The best full body moisturizer.

The best way to use body butter is to apply it after your daily shower or bath. After your shower or bath, pat your skin dry with a towel and apply a generous amount to your skin and gently massage. Pay attention to your elbows, knees, hands and feet.

2. At Home Manicures

No need for chemical-laden cuticle softeners or expensive nail salons. Achieve the same results at home with body butter. Massage a small amount to each cuticle and admire your hydrated fingertips. No need for the salon. Save your money and your gas!

3. No Shaving Cream? No problem!

Body butter is a wonderful alternative to shaving cream. It provides skin with a protective barrier and a close smooth shave.

4. Post-Sun Care

In the warmer months, there is nothing more fun than being outside. Sun exposure takes a toll on your skin and strips your skin of its moisture. Replenish the lost moisture with body butters. Let the ingredients soothe and repair your inflamed skin.

5. Make Up Remover

If you run out of makeup remover, don't worry. Apply a small amount of body butter to moistened cotton and gently remove eye make up. It will dissolve mascara and condition your eye lashes.

Treat your skin to the endless benefits of all-natural products with Simora Home clean body care products. We promise you’ll love the look and feel of your soft, gorgeous skin!

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