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Melt & Pour Soap Making Kit
  • Melt & Pour Soap Making Kit


    Get crafty in your home with our Soap-Making Kit. Your kit will include ingredients and important tools needed to make soap of your own design and scent.


    This DIY Soap-Making Kit includes:

    Funnel Pitcher

    Stir Stick

    Soap Mold

    Melt-and-Pour Soap Base - 1 lb

    1 Vial of Fragrance Oil

    2 Mica Colors

    Alcohol Spray Bottle


    Items You'll Need At Home:

    - Cutting Board

    - Sharp Knife

    - Plastic Wrap

    - Microwave



    Select your soap base, a fragrance, 1-2 color options, and your embeds from the lists below to create your fully customized soaps.

    Colors (Mica Powder)
    2nd Color (Mica Powder)
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